Germinal updates A20 Premier Ryesport

By Alistair May 2, 2019 07:17 Updated

Germinal has updated its leading sports pitch seeding and renovation mixture, A20 Premier Ryesport, with the introduction of the UK’s top-rated perennial ryegrass cultivar, Europitch.

Europitch (at 20 per cent inclusion) joins the A20 team alongside Eurocordus (20 per cent), Eurosport (20 per cent) and Carnac (40 per cent), giving users of the revised seed mixture access to three of the BSPB’s top four perennial ryegrass cultivars for sports uses.

“The introduction of Europitch to the 2019 line-up of A20 Premier Ryesport significantly enhances the revised seed mixture’s ability to help groundsmen produce the very best performing and most aesthetically attractive sport pitches,” explains Richard Brown, Amenity Sales Manager for Germinal.

“Europitch excels in all areas on the BSPB, Turfgrass Seed 2019, Table S1, with class-leading scores for visual merit [8.2] and shoot density [8.2]. It also scores exceptionally well for live ground cover [8.0], fineness of leaf [7.8] and recovery [7.5], making it the top-rated perennial ryegrass for 2019. As such it is the perfect cultivar to bring into the A20 squad, especially as it also scores well for winter and summer greenness [5.3 and 5.1 respectively] and performs solidly in terms of resistance to red thread [4.1].”

The standard A20 Premier Ryesport seed mixture can also be customised to include a selection of alternative cultivars from Germinal’s extensive seed portfolio, with groundsmen able to create their own, fully bespoke mixture to suit their ground’s requirements.

“In addition to the standard A20 mixture, customers can also choose from a wide selection of alternative perennial ryegrass cultivars, plus a creeping perennial ryegrass (Zurich) and a shade tolerant Poa supina species (Supreme) which enable them to create a unique seed mixture with enhanced wear tolerance and recovery or which is better suited to shaded conditions,” Mr Brown adds.


By Alistair May 2, 2019 07:17 Updated

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