GKB Machines launches the Combislit

By Alistair June 11, 2024 09:00

Recognising that aeration is at the forefront of every turf professional’s maintenance plans, GKB Machines have announced the launch of the Combislit – a new, fast and effective solution to low-disruption aeration. Available in 1.6m and 2.0m working widths, the Combislit uses GKB’s unique Evolvente® blades to spike and open all types of natural and hybrid surface to depths of up to 15cm (6”).

The GKB Combislit allows for effective aeration of the top layer with minimal friction and disruption, ensuring optimal oxygen and moisture movement and linking up with deeper decompaction work conducted throughout the season. The successor to the popular GKB Topair, the Combislit combines solid and robust design with simplicity of operation making it a go-to for regular passes on all type of sports and fine turf surfaces including fairways and greens.

GKB’s Evolvente® blades are designed to pierce the ground without disturbing or prying the topsoil. The result is a level surface, boosted with the many, well-documented benefits of regular aeration and able to be back in play almost immediately.

The Combislit’s frame ensures sufficient weight to penetrate compacted upper layers, with the option to add additional weight to the top of the unit if required. A rear-mounted pressure roller can also be specified to deliver extra precision to the end result. In addition, the blades can be swapped for cutting discs for linear aeration and non-chemical weed control.

Commenting on its introduction, GKB UK Operations Manager Tom Shinkins said, “We are all too aware of the prolonged wet conditions facilities around the country have had to endure, which just serves to reiterate why regular aeration is so important. When ground conditions rule out heavier or more intensive methods, GKB now have a fast and effective tool to keeping the profile open, bringing benefit to players and plant health alike. We are excited to add this to our portfolio, with stock now available via our UK dealer network.”

By Alistair June 11, 2024 09:00

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