Greenkeeping team praised for repair job

By Alistair November 5, 2023 07:49

A golf course in the West Midlands has been vandalised after a car drove onto the venue and damaged a green and a fairway – but the greenkeeping team had the green back in play later the same morning.

Andrew Wood, the golf course manager at Enville Golf Club, wrote on social media that a car had crashed through gates at the club and drove onto one of its two 18-hole courses, The Lodge, last month.

Images showed tyre marks all over the green but, incredibly, the same green was back in play later that morning – the same day as the attack.

“What a team,” he wrote.

“This morning, one of our courses was vandalised after a car crashed through a set of gates on The Lodge course and continued to try and destroy our third green and 13th fairway.

“Before I got in, my supervisor had adjusted and prioritised jobs so that we could still set up both courses for members to play but also give us bodies to begin repairs.

“Two of our team changed planned arrangements so that we could complete the repair work as quickly as possible and get the green back in play.

“By 10:30am the green was back in play for the members.

All the images, via LinkedIn, can be found here

“Just one example of going the extra mile and the great work greenkeeping teams up and down the land carry out.

“It’s the reason why I get annoyed when they are so often undervalued.”

Wood and his team received praise from the industry on social media.

Alistair Beggs, head of agronomy at The R&A, wrote: “Well done Andy and team. Amazing work!!”

“An absolute disgrace to cause this kind of mindless vandalism but what an amazing team we have to get the repair work done so quickly and professionally! A real asset to our club and members,” wrote Colin White, the manager at Enville Golf Club.

“Great work in getting the greens back in play. I feel your pain as I had to deal with similar,” stated Pete Watkins, course manager at Sidcup Golf Course.

“I feel your pain… We’ve had it a couple of times and I guess it’s through a lack of understanding but the police just see it as grass. Hopefully you’ll get some late germination,” wrote Simon Cottee, general manager of Downshire Golf Complex.

“Great work from the team and so sad to see the damage. Such good courses. We suffer the same occasionally but we are in common land,” added Andrew Webster, manager at Beverley and East Riding Golf Club.

“Best team ever. Well done Enville greenkeepers,” added the former manager of Enville Golf Club, Heather Mulley.

And Paul Clarke, head groundsman at Wombourne Cricket, Tennis & Bowls Club, simply wrote: “Outstanding team.”


By Alistair November 5, 2023 07:49

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