GripClad Q&A

By Alistair March 17, 2022 09:35

Here are some GripClad anti-slip tread frequently answered questions:

  1. How does GripClad treads compare to salt, sand and paint, chicken wire, rubber belting and artificial grass?

GripClad’s product has an extremely low potential for slip. 75+ Slip very unlikely – better probability than 1 in 1 million

The Health & Safety Executive use The Pendulum Test Value in accordance with British & European Standard. Slip resistance properties of flooring materials are covered by various standards with Europe. BS7976 Describes the specification, operation and calibration of the pendulum test, used for assessment of floor surface slipperiness under both dry and contaminated conditions.

  1. What is GripClad made of?

High quality fiberglass composite with a diamond hard gritted surface. No layering, no bonding, no weak spots, just one immensely strong composite, solid product with which you can reuse many years in the future when timbers need to be replaced.

  1. Can it stand up to frost?

Yes, the product is also resistant to corrosion, spike shoes, impact, cracking splitting and is maintenance free.

  1. What surface can it be screwed down onto?

Timber, metal, concrete, tarmac, asphalt and artificial grass.

  1. What sizes are available?

To many to mention, ask for our size chart.

  1. What colours are available?

Black, light grey, green, yellow or beige.

  1. What is the lead time?

Usually three to four working week days from order.

  1. Can they be pre-drilled?

It is not necessary to pre-drill the GripClad treads as special cutter tip screws can be used which countersinks them as well.

  1. How much do they cost?

You can spend as little as £8.06 per tread or as much as £23.27 per tread depending on size and quantity. The price is normally within most greenkeepers’ budgets but the real value comes from the reduction in the risks of slips on the golf course.

  1. Who do I contact?

GripClad: 023 8040 6796 or


By Alistair March 17, 2022 09:35

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