GripClad: Safeguarding you and your course

By Alistair November 29, 2021 09:50

Wrapping chicken wire around a sleeper to prevent someone from slipping on hazardous elevated stepped access, or tripping or falling from steep sided tees, just doesn’t solve the problem, it contributes to it, as do many other cheaper methods on wet hazardous railway sleepers and steps. GripClad offers a well proven long term solution and there is a good chance a golf club close by uses it.

The advancement of soft spikes and moulded sole golf shoes away from traditional steel spikes has led to an increase of slips on wooden steps and has always become an increasing problem, but GripClad’s neat ‘GRP Anti-Slip’ solid preformed tread has solved this problem for over 800 golf clubs so far.

This 4mm thick product is easy to fit with a few screws. It is tough and extremely durable and resistant to high impact, spike shoes, frost and high foot traffic. The product has no weak spots, no chipping, no peel back, no layering, just the toughest, most durable and longer lasting anti-slip product available.

These treads are all pre-cut in accordance with the club’s specification. Installation is easy and straight forward. Most clubs report that it takes much less time to install than previous methods. If the sleeper has to be replaced, simply unscrew the tread and replace it on a new sleeper.


By Alistair November 29, 2021 09:50

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