How to take rootzone moisture management to a new level

By Alistair March 25, 2021 07:59 Updated

Revolution has a patented formulation that is designed to take your rootzone moisture management to a new level, creating a more consistent growing environment for high-performance turf.

Since its foundation over 65 years ago, Aquatrols has set the benchmark for bringing high-performance products to the sports turf management sector that are independently researched and backed by robust supporting data – the ultimate example of this being Revolution®, a unique and patent protected methyl-capped soil surfactant technology.

Since its introduction Revolution has helped golf courses across Europe gain an unprecedented level of control over their turf’s root zone environment, allowing for unparalleled consistency of rootzone moisture and growing conditions. Revolution’s performance is supported by robust data, with a research package that is unrivalled in its depth, breadth and volume; more than enough to support claims of both superior moisture management and overall turf health benefits. These do not only reflect the research required to support the patent but also include many years of subsequent scientific studies carried out both by many eminent university professors and numerous independent research stations around the world.

Let us remember what sets Revolution apart. Its patented formulation is designed to take your rootzone moisture management to a new level, creating a more consistent growing environment for high-performance turf. It maximizes the potential of the growing environment, allowing your turf to function more efficiently and perform at consistently higher levels. Revolution reduces the impact of daily stresses on turf health and promotes faster recovery when stresses occur.

The key to Revolution is its unique methyl-capped structure which allows it to align closer to the soil particle and create an interlocking layer of hydration sites across the entire particle surface. This ensures that water distribution characteristics more closely match that of an optimally wettable soil, with a thin continuous film of water and plenty of air. Because Revolution allows excess moisture to drain more quickly and completely through the rootzone, turf managers are able to produce drier, firmer surfaces while reducing moisture stress on their turfgrass. This is one of the most unique and beneficial features of Revolution compared to other surfactant chemistries.

So how do we measure return on investment? Revolution will have a cost-in-use as will competitor products, but when considering overall value, the associated benefits of its use regarding both turf health and cost savings are what sets it apart. These have been repeatedly proven year on year, in a variety of climates, on a variety of soil types and across a variety of grass species. Improved turf health results in very tangible cost savings too such as reduced water use, reduced fungicide use and reduced fertiliser use. Other cost savings include reduced need for localised hand watering, reduced use of wetting agent pellets and no need for a reactive curative product nor any subsequent renovation work which often results from poor soil moisture management.

Let me explain how to get the best return on your investment when using Revolution:

  • Firstly, it is important to make the initial application early in the season before the onset of any expected stresses, whether they be caused by dry weather or indeed wet weather.
  • Secondly, Revolution is safe for turfgrass and does not need to be watered in immediately after application. However, due to its area of activity it should be watered in sufficiently to deliver the molecules where required within the profile, even if this is carried out within the overnight irrigation cycle.
  • Thirdly, follow the label with applications @ 19L / Ha monthly or 9.5L / Ha fortnightly for the duration of the season.

Tried, tested, trusted. Unrivalled reliability, uniformity and consistency. Aquatrols Revolution provides a solid and dependable foundation for your turf management practices, all season long.

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By Alistair March 25, 2021 07:59 Updated

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