How trailed mowers are revolutionising the golf industry

By Alistair June 17, 2024 08:40

With over 2,500 golf courses in the UK serving over 5.3 million golfers, competition has never been so high. With this comes the need to maintain grounds to the highest standard possible and in the most efficient manner.

As a greenkeeper, there needs to be a constant focus on balancing the work and the costs involved in maintaining grounds while ensuring maximum sustainability. But above all else, every tee box, fairway, rough and green must retain the same consistent appearance and playability.

While the frequency with which a course is mowed is important, decisions around mowing apparatus and techniques must be carefully made. If a course isn’t maintained to a high aesthetic standard, golfers may choose to take up membership in another nearby club.

Ride-on mowers have long been a popular choice for maintaining large grass areas such as golf courses; however, advancements in trailed mowers mean a big switch in the way golf clubs are maintaining their turf. Here are some of the advantages of trailed mowers and how they are revolutionising the golf industry.

Sustainably use existing machinery

The more machinery a club owns, the more it costs to upkeep the course. In addition to the cost of buying the apparatus, there are the running and maintenance costs associated with keeping up with daily use.

Along with a fleet of ride-on mowers, most golf courses will own a tractor used for various other purposes, which may sit unused much of the time. Regardless of how often tractors are used, they require a schedule of maintenance. Using these tractors makes economic sense since they cost the club money, even when not in use.

Using a trailed mower attached to a tractor improves the sustainability of the club and potentially saves a considerable amount of money. When not in use, the mower can be detached, and the tractor can serve alternative purposes.


Ride-on mowers are dedicated pieces of machinery that serve one task. Often, a golf course may require numerous ride-on mowers to cut the grass in specific areas like the green, rough and fairway. Thanks to the versatility, easy height adjustment and contour following abilities, trailed mowers can help maintain all these areas without damaging or scalping the turf.

In addition, trailed mowers excel in wet conditions so cutting dewy morning grass doesn’t result in a clumpy mess. There’s no need for double-cutting or blowing. Being able to cut in these conditions reduces the disruption for players.

Low total cost of ownership

Golf clubs that have switched to trailed mowers have enjoyed a lower total cost of ownership. Buying the mower is cost-effective, as a trailed mower and tractor is a fraction of the price of a dedicated machine. Additionally, you can use the tractor for multiple purposes.

Once in operation, it requires very little hp to run and minimal moving parts, there’s not much that can go wrong!

Unlike machines with engines, trailed mowers retain their value and typically sell well second-hand.

Improved efficiency

The average UK golf course is 111 acres. To maintain the health of the grass, mowing needs to take place regularly, trailed mowers speed up this constant and time-consuming process.

With large cutting widths, a trailed mower requires fewer passes and could dramatically reduce the time needed to maintain the entire course. This, in turn, reduces the labour costs associated with the task, improving the profitability of the course.

In addition, covering the entire course with fewer passes reduces fuel use, creating a more eco-friendly cut.

Safety and comfort

Ride-on mowers place workers almost directly above the grass being cut without protection.

On a golf course, there is one common hazard — golf balls. Whether the golf ball is travelling at speed from elsewhere on the course, or thrown up in the process of mowing, if it hits the worker on the mower, it could cause serious injury.

A trailed mower and tractor improve worker safety. Most tractors have enclosed cabs that protect the operator from any projectiles on the course.

In addition, greenkeepers must work continuously throughout the year to maintain high standards on the course. Battling the elements on a ride-on can be uncomfortable. Trailed mowers attached to tractors with enclosed cabs provide a positive experience that makes the task enjoyable, improving team morale and productivity.

It’s a no-brainer!

Trailed mowers offer greenkeepers a cost-effective, low-maintenance and versatile alternative that improves the appearance and health of the grass while ensuring operator safety. By utilising trailed mowers, golf clubs can maintain the high aesthetic standards which members demand in a very efficient and eco manner.

To find out how a trailed mower can benefit you, visit or call  01933 652 235

By Alistair June 17, 2024 08:40

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