Huntercombe opts for Toro Multi Pro 1750

By Alistair April 26, 2024 09:31

Grant Stewart, course manager at Huntercombe Golf Club, knew that as soon as a new sprayer was required at the Oxfordshire course, there was only one way to go and that was to hit repeat on his last order of a Toro Multi Pro 1750.

Grant says: “I need a sprayer to be reliable in its ease of use. I appreciate the technological capabilities and all the extras it can have, but ultimately what works for us is a simple but efficient sprayer.”

Grant’s requirements are perfectly matched in the Multi Pro 1750 from Reesink Turfcare. This sprayer has been designed with all the technology required for spraying accuracy and precision but wrapped up in an uncomplicated easy to use system.

“We’ve had our last sprayer for seven years and it’s never failed us. I couldn’t have a better template to go from than that,” he says. “We mark out the edge of the spray pattern and spray, it’s as simple as that. It’s easy to maintain and there’s no spray lag. The system, the features and benefits it offers and the price point combine to make it the ideal sprayer for an 18-hole course like ours.”

Grant explains how he’s using his sprayer on the course that recently won the prestigious Syngenta Operation Pollinator Award at the Golf Environment Awards: “In the 1980s golf courses had a bad reputation for heavy use of pesticides and chemicals. Now, that’s changed. Spraying is essential to keep the course in top playing condition, but we use nature to solve problems in turf management too.

“With the technology and accuracy in the Multi Pro we can be exact with the areas we spray – everything is controlled and there’s no wastage or spraying of unnecessary areas. We use our sprayer for wetting agents, biostimulants and fertilising in a low regime.”

The Multi Pro 1750 is designed to deliver accurate application rates from start to finish. Its six-diaphragm pump is an industry exclusive, producing ample pressure and up to twice the flow of two-diaphragm pumps for aggressive mixing and thorough agitation. When the pump is engaged, it’s always on so there’s virtually no spray lag – as Grant noticed and appreciates. It also delivers a full spray pattern immediately, so it’s possible to back up to a bunker and spray accurately as soon as it starts.

In addition to exceptional spray accuracy, the Multi Pro 1750 provides 99 percent spray-out, which means almost no products are wasted, which again is better for the environment.


By Alistair April 26, 2024 09:31

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