Husqvarna introduces the Automower® 520 EPOS

By Alistair March 27, 2024 09:23

Husqvarna introduces the Automower® 520 EPOS – the newest addition to the family of wire-free professional robotic mowers.

Using systematic cutting, the mower delivers high productivity and a cost-effective solution to smaller commercial areas. As an added bonus, it can cut patterns. The robotic mower will be available in 2024.

Since the introduction of robotic mowers, customers have asked for the possibility of cutting patterns in the lawn. Now, using systematic cutting, the new Automower® 520 EPOS can mow in a series of pre-set designs that deliver a variety of patterns such as checkerboard, triangles, or diamond shapes. The patterns are made possible by the robotic mower’s precision navigation and ability to quickly adjust the cutting height of its five-blade cutting discs. In addition, the new robotic mower’s mowing capacity is 5,000 sqm in 48 hours.

As with all EPOS navigated robotic mowers from Husqvarna, this model operates without boundary wire, which makes the installation robust and flexible. The use of virtual boundaries allows aerating, scarifying, and digging without worrying about in-ground wires. With EPOS, and the connected management system Husqvarna Fleet Services, the user has an ultra-flexible solution that facilitates scheduling and setting of cutting zones, which for instance enables stay-out zones during pollinating season. The Fleet Services application also allows the user to set mowing patterns as well as other hardware settings and software upgrades.

Husqvarna’s virtual boundary EPOS technology is a high-precision satellite navigation system that delivers an accuracy of two to three centimetres, giving the user a new level of flexibility and robustness to the installation. The current range of professional robotic mowers using EPOS technology includes four models of robotic mowers, managing up to 75,000 sqm.

Husqvarna Automower 520 EPOS will be available in 2024 at RRP £3,799. The Reference station is sold separately at RRP £899.

For a chance to win one of these mowers by April 2, 2024, click here.


By Alistair March 27, 2024 09:23

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