Introducing new and improved TYM tractors

By Alistair March 29, 2021 12:23 Updated

In response to Stage V emissions regulations and customer feedback, TYM is launching a new range of tractors with a host of improvements and features to provide even more value to customers. And first off the blocks are the T255 subcompact and T555 compact tractors.

Replacing the TS25, a popular model in the subcompact tractor market, is the T255. With the same features that set the TS25 apart from its competitors, the T255 offers even more with its fresh new design.

Its 25.3hp Yanmar diesel engine is Stage V compliant but avoids the need for expensive exhaust treatments such as a DPF filter, keeping costs down for the customer. Available with a twin range HST, the new model is also equipped with auto throttle response as standard, which synchronises the HST pedals with the engine throttle for much simpler, and less fatiguing, operation.

A 540rpm rear PTO and 2000rpm mid PTO can be used together simultaneously to allow for efficient and multi-functional combinations such as a mid-deck and grass collector. Plus, following customer feedback, the T255 now comes with one set of spool valves as standard, rather than as an optional accessory.

The successor to the hugely popular T503, the T555 comes with even more power in the same compact frame, redefining what a compact utility tractor can do and avoiding the need to compromise on manoeuvrability.

The T555’s main attraction, and where it differs most from the T503, is its high efficiency 55.9hp Yanmar 4-cylinder diesel engine, which produces more power whilst still maximising on fuel efficiency.

It comes with two transmission options, a 16×16 manual with dash mounted forward/reverse shuttle lever, or a three range HST with auto throttle control. Plus, an updated panel with a new digital element shows the tractor hours, fuel gauge and information on the engine and emission system for improved user control.

Also available is a new TX55L loader which features self-levelling arms as standard, along with a pre-installed third function kit, and comes with a Euro fitment front bucket.

Steven Haynes, tractor sales manager at Reesink Turfcare, says: “With the arrival of Stage V compliance, TYM took the opportunity to add in this essential legislation while taking all the popular features of the machines’ predecessors and improving on them with a customer focused redesign that provides even more value. Whether you’re after a neat subcompact for your large estate or small farm, or something with more power for a golf course or sports pitch, the T255 and T555 both offer an efficient, versatile, and value for money option.”


By Alistair March 29, 2021 12:23 Updated

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