Irrigation terminology explained

By Alistair April 12, 2024 08:42

Like most industries, different types of products have multiple names and abbreviations.

We quite often receive phone calls and emails requesting parts with these industry-used names, and always a few pop up that we haven’t heard before. Here’s a list of some common terms, and either what they mean or if they’re important to your irrigation system.

Coil and solenoid

This is a part that sits between the decoder / module and the solenoid valve or valve-in-head sprinklers. Systems tend to run on either latching or non-latching. It’s best to always double check before ordering anything new. A photo of the part and a photo of the controller sent to your irrigation specialist would solve this.

QVC, hand point, GEKA and off take

These are all terms used for a connection point for a hose. Commonly, a QVC is a brass item that allows you to input a key, then turn and away the water goes. QVC stands for ‘Quick-Valve Coupling’.

GEKA I would say is the most common quick connection method; it is a trademark and it is derived from the name of the Giersberg company.

Poly pipe, PE pipe, LDPE, MDPE and HDPE

Poly pipes and PE pipe are pipes made out of polyethylene. LDPE, MDPE, HDPE are the range of PE pipes that are able to withstand different pressures: L = low, M = medium H = high.

A PE pipe has many levels of strength, wall thickness, colours and strips for different fluids passed within the pipes. If you’re just taking irrigation, then black pipe is required.

Grease pod, wire nut, DBRY and grease tub

These are essential for prolonging your irrigation system and simply making it function. They look expensive on paper but save you far more in the long run.

Swing joint, swing arm, swing assembly and triple swing

I very rarely see these as they are not used in installation anymore. They were used to allow levelling of sprinklers and provide protection / movement. Quite often people get caught out between the available threads on swing joints, BSP or ACME; you will need to check the sprinklers required thread.

I will look to cover more terminology over the coming issues.

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By Alistair April 12, 2024 08:42

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