John Deere dealers given advanced training

By Alistair July 20, 2023 09:05

More than 50 John Deere dealers have been given advanced training on how greenkeepers can make the most of the latest technological innovations developed by the company.

Held at Golfpark Kurpfalz – a renowned German complex largely maintained using John Deere machinery – the event saw representatives from across Deere’s European network of dealers trained by experts from across the golf and turf division.

Chris Meacock, Division Sales Manager for Golf and Turf, said: “Our innovation pipeline looks to improve every aspect of a machine’s performance and that covers many facets of a product.

“What’s changing fast is the opportunity to use technology and data to make the process of using a John Deere product more efficient and productive for our customers.

“This event was a chance for the dealer network to see all our precision turf technology in action, working together to demonstrate the advantages of GPS-driven accuracy.”

The training centred on the direct impact precision applications can have on reducing inputs while increasing accuracy and productivity through efficiency gains.

Dealers were shown how mowers and compact tractors equipped with Deere’s satellite-steering AutoTrac technology can reduce overlaps and fuel consumption. HD200 Progator sprayers were demonstrating their ability to place fertilisers and herbicides in exactly the right place, avoiding spraying non-target areas and wastage.

The advantages of accurately mapping a course’s tees, greens, fairways, bunkers and paths was presented using Starfire GPS receivers and dealers were given further training in how the data produced could be accessed and tailored for course managers using the John Deere Operations Center.

Sessions were also run on how OnLink – the cloud-based golf course management software acquired by John Deere in 2019 – automatically synchronises any machine and operator working anywhere on the course, allowing course managers to remotely create and assign tasks and meticulously manage equipment and labour costs.

“This training sets up our dealer network to be able to work even closer with golf courses who are looking to take their maintenance and management to the next level,” Chris added.

By Alistair July 20, 2023 09:05

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