Krisitianstad’s Golf Club undergoes bunker renovation

By Alistair October 21, 2021 08:45 Updated

Krisitianstad’s Golf Club’s West Course has recently completed a major bunker renovation with Durabunker in collaboration with ex Ryder Cup star, Pierre Fulke Design. One of Sweden’s leading venues, the East Course recently being ranked number three in the country following a renovation in 2016, the West Course has now had its moment in the sun.

Built almost entirely on sand, the light subsoils, whilst beneficial for drainage, also presents its challenges, one of which has been the fragility of the bunker edges at the venue.

“Edge erosion and failure was one issue we wanted to address. Being only a couple of kilometres from the Baltic Sea, large parts of the course is fairly exposed to the effects of wind and sand blow, and during the summer the bunker edges tend to dry out and crumble. Having worked extensively with Durabunker since the product was introduced to us at Frosaker G&CC, there was little hesitation in recommending it for this project. We knew it would not only solve a functional issue but it would also safeguard our bunker design and the shaping work carried out by principle contractors on the renovation, Nelson and Vechio.”

The renovation is one of a number in Sweden where Pierre Fulke Design has used, or will be using, Durabunker’s patent synthetic bunker edge system. Wermdo G&CC, Sundsvalls GC and Nar GC on the island of Gotland, will join Kristianstads GC to include the product in their renovation projects this autumn.

Rhydian Lewis, founder of Durabunker and co-inventor of all design patents associated with the product, added: “The utilisation of our synthetic edging system at Kristianstad perfectly demonstrates its adaptability. From six inch edges to six feet high walls, the thoughtful incorporation of the product into this project has not only eradicated the challenge of maintaining stable bunker edges on sandy subsoils, but also added some strategic signature bunkering.”

By Alistair October 21, 2021 08:45 Updated

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