Letchworth Golf Club impressed with Combiseeder efficiency

By Alistair May 22, 2024 08:35

The purchase of a Combiseeder from GKB Machines has brought new convenience and efficiency to the overseeding operations at Hertfordshire’s Letchworth Golf Club. Previously hiring a seeder, the combination of high traffic, poor weather and ongoing construction projects around the 18-hole course has seen an increase in the need for both routine and recovery seeding, which course manager Rob Groves explains can now be carried out as frequently and intensively as required.

Rob took over as course manager at the parkland course in May 2022 and is assisted on the regular maintenance and larger renovation projects by a team of four full-time staff and one part-time greenkeeper. “We’ve conducted a number of bunker renovations, as well as installing a new irrigation system, which have all involved using heavy machinery on and around the greens” he explains. “We’ve previously hired a seeder which is not only expensive but means you are restricted as to when you are able to get it – often not at the right time! With areas to recover, along with combating general wear and tear the time was right to invest in our own seeder.”

The club opted for the CS120 from the GKB Combiseeder range, featuring the tried and trusted combination of two spiked rollers and two adjustable brushes to deliver and encase the seed for optimal germination. Delivered by dealers Ernest Doe on a wet Thursday in March 2024, it was out the following Monday and the next three consecutive days, delivering seed into the surfaces as part of the club’s renovation week.

“I’d used the Combiseeder at my previous club and was always impressed by how simple it is to operate and adjust, meaning we can overseed the greens with finer, smaller seed as well as use it on other areas around the course.” Rob continues, “We have grass covered driving tees, for example, which would need divoting and seeding by hand at least once a week. We can now do the whole area in one pass with the Combiseeder saving valuable labour hours. We also plan to use it on the greens, without seed, as a sarel roller as it’s got the right weight to give us some good aeration in the top of the profile without being too aggressive.”

“It’s already proven to be a great investment and, despite the weather, we saw good strike from our March operations.” He adds, “When you factor in the opportunities and benefits of conducting overseeding more frequently, together with the savings on hire and labour, the Combiseeder will pay for itself in no time.”

By Alistair May 22, 2024 08:35

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