Machinery profile: The GKB Sandfiller

By Alistair June 6, 2020 06:52 Updated

GKB Machines, the company behind sustainable, reliable and robust maintenance machinery for natural, synthetic and hybrid turf, is offering the possibility to remove organic matter and sand-fill in just one simple and efficient operation, thanks to the GKB Sandfiller.

Understanding the primary target and aspiration of greenkeepers is to achieve perfection from tee to green, the GKB Sandfiller helps fulfil this aspiration. Combining scarifying and sand-filling in one hassle free operation, this impressive machine takes a six-person job and allows this working method to be executed by one person. Scarifying and sand-filling in this way means the surface always remains stable and improves the drainage system.

From the foundations of the reliable and much-praised GKB Combinator, the GKB Sandfiller encompasses its robust and effectiveness to provide the ultimate renovation tool. The GKB Sandfiller features a slitting rotor which is provided with carbide scarifying blades, these blades and a unique paddle attachment create wind to lift the removed material off the surface.

Offering different thicknesses of 2, 3 and 4mm blades depending on the amount of organic matter that is needing to be removed and sand to be injected. The 1.2 metre working width of the machine allows jobs to be carried out quickly and efficiently with sand being injected every 4cms by the sand coulters.

The scarifying blades allow the removal of organic matter up to a depth of 4cm and the sideways-tipping hopper enables the immediate removal of the scarified material. Consequently, there’s no need to remove excess material from the surface. Once the hopper has been emptied, simply refill the separate sand hopper with drainage sand.

By Alistair June 6, 2020 06:52 Updated

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