Machinery profile: the GKB Sandfiller

By Alistair April 23, 2020 09:14 Updated

Established in 2007, Marc Kerr Limited is a sport surface specialist. Working from golf greens to bowling greens and finishes, including pre and end of season renovations, the GKB Sandfiller was the perfect partner for the company’s needs.

Creating perfection from the green until the tee, the GKB Sandfiller combines scarifying, removal and sand-filling in just one simple operation. Using his machine for golf greens and sometimes tees, Marc Kerr, director at Marc Kerr, said: “I used to run two sand injection gardens and still do but switching to the Sandfiller has made a similar process more efficient and safer.

A great benefit to this machine is that unlike other working methods which require six or more people, the working method of the GKB Sandfiller can be executed by just one person. Marc adds: “The GKB Sandfiller has also added to huge reductions in manpower, less weather dependents and better working depths.”

In order to lift the removed material, the machine features a slitting rotor with carbide scarifying blades as well as an attachment to the blades which creates wind. With blade thicknesses available ranging from 2-4mm and the centres fixed at 40mm, the GKB Sandfiller encompasses versatility.

The featured scarifying blades will remove the thatch until it reaches a 4cm depth. Following this, the scarified and removed material is immediately distributed to a sideways-tipping container.

With over 20 years of experience and industry specialists, it was perfect duo to combine Marc Kerr with the GKB Sandfiller. Praising GKB Machines for their fantastic customer service. Marc adds “GKB’s equipment is strong and trusted within the industry and as a contractor you don’t worry about breakdowns which you might do with other manufacturers equipment.

GKB Machines are always looking ahead of the game and striving to create products to keep at the forefront of innovation. Marc continues, “the product range is always moving forward with great ideas.”

By Alistair April 23, 2020 09:14 Updated

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