Machinery profile: The Yamaha UMX AC

By Alistair July 25, 2023 09:13

While the successful range of Yamaha’s ATV models satisfies the requirements of many extreme off-road users, the UMX AC is designed to handle an array of tasks in commercial, industrial, agricultural and leisure environments.

At its heart, the UMX AC features a punchy 5.0 kW motor, that’s not just quieter and better for the environment, but has a good range and is simple to plug in and charge. It delivers smooth, flexible power that takes the operator just about anywhere in a park, resort, golf course, farm, airport, factory … just simply point and go.

Its rugged design enables the UMX AC to be driven over a variety of road and non-extreme off-road terrain giving access to all areas, both indoor and outside. Two ergonomically designed individual seats and a variable rate suspension system give a high standard of rider comfort, to ensure this quiet, smooth, comfortable light utility vehicle is ready to work hard, 24/7.

Rugged and durable bodywork is a feature of this efficient and quiet workhorse; its bodywork is designed to withstand heavy duty usage and  recessed reflector-type LED headlamps emphasize its purposeful looks. Additionally, wide tyres spread the load to minimise surface impact

The UMX AC is designed to be at the ready when a job needs to be done fast – so it’s the vehicle to choose when you need to get there quickly and efficiently. Designed to operate on a variety of surfaces, even unsound ones, its tough skid plate, stable suspension and grippy tyres give it the ability to traverse non-extreme off-road terrain, making it able to work in a diverse range of environments

It’s designed to carry an impressive selection of tools, equipment and supplies thanks to its spacious aluminium cargo bed, which measures 1.05 m long x 1.16 m wide x 0.3 m deep. It also features additional space in a 29-litre storage box, ensuring that it’s an asset to any business.


By Alistair July 25, 2023 09:13

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