Machinery review: The Turfco Torrent 2

By Alistair May 30, 2023 08:31

The Turfco Torrent 2 is a powerful all-purpose blower designed with significant input from golf course, grounds, and turf managers. Available in tow-behind or tractor-mounted pto-driven formats it delivers unprecedented control over air speed, air direction, noise management and fuel consumption. This is a precision clean-up tool that can be used year-round to give golf courses or grounds a new level of polish and playability.

Designed for durability, the Torrent 2 is built on a heavy-duty steel frame with a rugged draw bar and adjustable hitch. The one-piece nozzle is made of impact resistant polyethylene.

Power and airflow were important factors, but better control and precision can lead to greater productivity. As a result, the Torrent 2 features a faster, more precise nozzle rotation that’s operated by a wireless, handheld controller with productivity-enhancing features. This technology allows the operator to dial in the exact nozzle direction for optimal performance with fast, 360-degree nozzle rotation dramatically enhancing productivity and control.

Multiple air speed settings make it quick and easy to increase or decrease blowing force, while a dedicated button allows the operator to idle down when people are near, and then quickly resume operation at the original setting once they clear the area. The controller also features a shutdown switch that stops the engine at the press of a button.

By Alistair May 30, 2023 08:31

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