Malton & Norton Golf Club praises Redexim

By Alistair March 26, 2024 09:23

Initially purchased to overcome conditions described as a ‘worm cast factory’, a Redexim Top-Brush is proving to be a true multi-tasker for the team at Malton & Norton Golf Club. Head greenkeeper Richard Jacques admits that prior to the purchase, the club underestimated how fundamental the 6m wide brush would become to the maintenance, with it successfully removing organic matter, improving cut quality and boosting presentation in twice weekly passes around the 27-hole complex.

Malton & Norton opened its doors in 1910 and its popularity with golfers in Yorkshire and further afield has seen the expansion of the site, to 27-holes of parkland play. “Like most venues, the restrictions on chemicals left us trialling all types of brushes and mats to overcome our worm problem and we didn’t find anything that really worked until we demonstrated the Redexim Top-Brush” explains Richard. “It was evident from the get-go that, used in the right conditions and at the right time, the Top-Brush could effectively remove worm casts better than any of the alternatives we’d tried so we decided to purchase one through Ripon Ground Care in October 2022.”

“We had no idea until we had it in the shed, how many uses we would find for the Top-Brush around the maintenance calendar. On top of dispersing worm casts, its out twice a week between March and October to stand the plant up on the fairways, improving the quality of cut and enhancing definition. There aren’t many pieces of equipment you get that can transform turf density and quality as much as this one has in such a short period of time.”

At 6m wide, the Top-Brush is a highly productive maintenance solution. As well as changing brush direction, working depth can also be adjusted, making it a versatile tool for a light surface brush – suitable for clearing dew, incorporating topdressing material or removing clippings – or a deeper, more aggressive surface agitation to effectively rid large areas of organic matter.

“Having used the Top-Brush for over a year, we’re now in a position of managing worm casts preventatively – by reducing OM and improving density – resulting in fewer instances, which is a big positive.” Richard continues, “That’s on top of hugely elevating the turf quality and appearance, not just on fairways but also approaches and semi-rough which is giving us a better product in the summer and one that’s more resilient to host play going into the winter months.”


By Alistair March 26, 2024 09:23

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