Manor House Golf Club achieves anti-slip solution

By Alistair September 27, 2017 15:23

Opened for play in 1992, The Manor House is a golf course like no other. The mature oak and beech trees that line the magnificent fairways together with the immaculate greens and the River Bybrook meandering through the middle bring both drama and beauty to this championship course.

The staff at The Manor House began to become aware of their members slipping on the sleepers at the course. The sleepers, designed to allow the club’s members to traverse the magnificent grounds, became unsafe when wet. They chose wooden sleepers for their natural appearance, but the number of accidents called for a response. After unsuccessful attempts at using chicken wire to cover the sleepers, the staff at The Manor House realised they needed something more.

The course manager applied GRP anti-slip treads to the hazard areas around the course. Manufactured from corrosion resistant GRP substrates and polyester resins incorporating refined high grade aluminium oxide aggregate granules for an extremely durable and slip resistant finish. A GRP substrate offers significant advantages over traditional metal and wood substrates.

The course manager said: “This product was pre-cut to our required measurements and very easy to install with screws and adhesive provided. I was impressed that the treads would mould into the sleeper dents and knots, thus taking away any trip hazard through raised treads.”

“Anti-slip solutions for golf courses provide their members with a comfortable and safe space to play in confidence. Wooden sleeper steps are used extensively around golf courses, but they attract algae and moss, turning them into dangerous slipping hazards. Golf courses need a safety tread that is hardwearing in all weathers and specifically resistant to golfing shoes,” explained Barry Eagle at Gripclad.

“Anti-slip treads and panels are an effective safety measure that helps keep your environment safe across all access areas such as steps, walkways, bridges and decking.

“Every step and path around your golf club can be made safe and secure with non-slip panels. There are also a variety of methods to make them blend in with the surroundings, even on decking. Anti-slip panels are available in a range of colours and styles, so you can have the best of both worlds – elegant aesthetics and a comfortable and safe golfing environment. You can easily eradicate all slip hazards around your course and surrounding areas of your club, thereby reducing the possibilities of compensation claims from accidents. They provide comprehensive security to your members and visitors all year round, no matter what the weather.

“GripClad safety treads are a simple solution that provide a safe environment across all access areas such as: sleeper steps, walkways, bridges and decking.”

Contact: Barry Eagle at Gripclad on 023 8040 6796 or 07803 848819 for advice, quotes, ordering and samples.


By Alistair September 27, 2017 15:23

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