New Speed-Seed from Charterhouse delivers improved accuracy and efficiency

By Alistair August 28, 2020 06:32 Updated

Launched in 2019, the new Redexim Speed-Seed from Charterhouse Turf Machinery offers a lot more than just a new livery. Its remodelled variable seed rate calibration system makes the Speed-Seed one of the most accurate seeders available – ideal for overseeding large or small areas, quickly and with ease.

The popular range of dimple seeders has been extended to feature four width options – 1.1m, 1.5m, 2m and 2.3m. It utilises a spiked sarel roller, to create 990 holes per m2, and a rear brush which sweeps the delivered seed into the mass of holes down to depths of up to 20mm, leaving a groomed finish in its wake. An optional second spiked roller can be equipped to double the number of pockets created.

In addition to the new sizes and the new styling of the machine, the key introduction is a new seed calibration system. The metering sections make ratio adjustments simple and accurate, while a new mixing bar and individual seeding elements ensure good, even distribution and less wastage – even when sowing small bent grass seed. The seed system is fed by a tray with a maximum capacity of up to 337 litres (in the 2.3m width variant), and all four models offer a seeding speed of 7.5mph.

One of the first venues to take delivery of the new Speed-Seed was Boat of Garten Golf Club in the Scottish Highlands. The Speed-Seed 1100 was very quickly put to use by Head Greenkeeper Michael Mann, after its delivery in July 2019, to recover some drought damaged fairways. “We had looked at three or four different makes and models, but the compact size of the Speed-Seed 1100 meant it could closely follow the contours and challenging terrain we have to work with across the site.”

Michael continues, “The set-up and controls of the machine are all nice and user-friendly, and it’s accurate seed calibration system is easy to operate and adjust. It’s a very clean machine, that leaves minimal surface disruption and hardly anything to tidy up in its wake.”


By Alistair August 28, 2020 06:32 Updated

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