Newark Golf Club uses Aspen Fuel

By Alistair May 16, 2023 07:18

Newark Golf Club is one of a growing list of UK courses discovering the many benefits that Aspen Fuel brings to the operation of its petrol-powered equipment. It’s been three years since course manager Alex Clarricoates made the switch to Aspen 2 and Aspen 4 for a selection of their machinery and hand tools – including seasonal equipment which now starts first time, every time, even after significant periods in storage.

“We were familiar with Aspen and decided to give it a try during COVID, when we started to encounter difficulties in accessing pump fuel” explains Alex, who has been at the 18-hole parkland course for 15 years.

“It’s not until you incorporate it into the day to day operations that you really begin to appreciate the improvements that an ethanol-free alkylate fuel can have for both the operators and the equipment. The biggest benefit for me is the shelf-life of Aspen, which has seen us get equipment out of the shed which has been dormant for a year and starts again with no trouble at all.”

Together with damaging plastic and rubber components, ethanol binds moisture which then acidifies, causing the issues commonly experienced with ‘gummy deposits’, reliability issues and reduced storage life. Being free from ethanol as well as benzene, sulphur and many other harmful substances, Aspen Alkylate petrol offers a clean alternative for both 2 and 4-stroke engines – available in a range of pack sizes and bulk ordering available, which includes safe and convenient delivery to site.

“We use roughly 400 litres of the 4-stroke Aspen, and 200 litres of the 2-stroke each year, both delivered in 200 litre barrels and stored exactly where we need it. Another benefit we’ve found is the Aspen 2 being pre-mixed which has eliminated issues we’ve experienced in the past where incorrect fuel to oil ratios have resulted in faults with some of our 2-stroke engines.”

Along with reduction in service time and the associated costs, Alex notes that improvements have also been observed to the operator working environment.

“The cleaner burn results in a big reduction in noxious fumes so, when you’re working with a chainsaw in dense woodland for example, you’ll notice that come the end of the day you don’t have headaches.”

These qualities have also been well received by the club. “Like a lot of venues we’re looking at sustainability and ways of reducing the impact we make on our surroundings. Aspen Alkylate powering our petrol equipment is a great step forward in us being more environmentally friendly.”

By Alistair May 16, 2023 07:18

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