Otterbine’s Air Flo 3 the safe solution for Pinewood Scout Centre

By Alistair September 22, 2023 08:44

Otterbine’s Air Flo 3 underwater ‘bubbler’ diffused aeration system is the safe solution for Pinewood Scout Centre in Croydon, bringing its lake back to life and reopening it for water sports after a period of closure due to poor water quality.

When Jim Clements, site manager and scout leader, took on Pinewood Scout Centre last year he made it his mission to reform the site’s grounds, and fixing the lake that hosts the centre’s watersport activities was the first step. With the water quality of the lake being key to keeping the scouts safe, the Otterbine Air Flo 3 aerator was the ideal choice to get the lake back into action.

When it came time to find an aeration solution, Jim was after two key things: a system that is safe and can access the bottom of the lake to increase circulation and oxygenation. Otterbine ticked both boxes.

“The lake doesn’t have a natural river feed so is dependent on rainfall and groundwater,” Jim says. “Getting oxygen into the bottom of the lake is critical and the thing I like with the Air Flo is that all the electrics are on the bank. There’s absolutely nothing in the water that could pose a risk to people using the lake.”

Otterbine’s Air Flo 3 is an underwater ‘bubbler’ diffused aeration system that is designed to aerate and circulate the water without disturbing its natural surroundings. But best of all for Jim and the scouts at Pinewood, is that the diffuser requires no electricity or moving parts near the water which makes the system entirely safe for swimming and for all of the centre’s water based activities.

Since installing the Air Flo 3 system, Jim says: “The circulation and improved oxygenation of the water has massively improved the quality in terms of clarity. I think it’s the best it’s potentially ever been.”

Getting the lake back into a safe and working condition is a relief all round after Jim was forced to cancel the scout’s water activity programme last summer: “We had an exceptional drought so water temperature was high, water levels were dropping and conditions were perfect for an algae bloom. It went toxic very quickly and I had to shut the lake. We couldn’t do any activities until I was able to get it back under control,” Jim recounts.

The best way to prevent algal blooms is to increase oxygen levels in the water, and Otterbine has the highest Oxygen Transfer Rates on the market – a key factor in Jim’s choice.


By Alistair September 22, 2023 08:44

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