Perennial launches support for children of greenkeepers

By Alistair July 16, 2018 16:26 Updated

Perennial, the only charity in the UK dedicated to helping all those who work in all branches of the horticulture industry, wants more horticulture professionals to know that funding is available to help their dependent children should they need it.

Perennial has recently launched a new ‘Child Bursary’ scheme to help horticulturists who may not need Perennial’s help themselves, but whose child or children have an educational need that their income will not support. This type of grant can also help those struggling with the extra cost of feeding their children during the school holidays.

Some examples of the type of thing a Perennial Child Bursary could fund include laptops, tablets or other electronic equipment essential for school use; extra-curricular activities; sports training equipment; practical equipment such as school bags or uniform; educational school trips; help with school meals and help with meals in school holidays.

In addition to this new bursary scheme, Perennial’s Children’s Fund was established when Perennial merged with the Royal Fund for Gardeners’ Children in 2010. If you work in horticulture, you may be eligible for an on-going education benefit or a one-off grant to help fund educational opportunities for your children.

Helen Waddington, head of casework at Perennial, says: “These child-specific funds are an essential part of our offering for people working in horticulture on low incomes. So often we find parents will go without essentials in order to fund their child’s education and we are here to help with those costs.”



By Alistair July 16, 2018 16:26 Updated

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