Praise for Redexim Verti-Drain

By Alistair December 19, 2023 09:39

While much has changed in the fine turf industry over the last 40 years, one thing that has remained a constant for greenkeeper Trevor Dennis is the presence of a Verti-Drain®. As an early adopter of the technology in his position at Kings Lynn Golf Club in 1986, the original aerator has played a major role at all of Trevor’s clubs – including Heacham Manor Golf Club in Norfolk where, on his retirement, he hands over not only the head greenkeeper baton, but a pair of Redexim Verti-Drains.

Trevor was one of the first to see the Verti-Drain® used in a golf course environment during his apprenticeship training in 1986 and, impressed by the benefits, convinced his club at the time to invest. “I had to explain the technique and what this would do for course condition… Comparing it to an agricultural plough was the only way to get the committee of farmers to understand! I have only used a Redexim Verti-Drain® since and have complete faith in it” he explains.


Inheriting two Verti-Drain’s, including a 1513 and Redexim Carrier delivered just a few weeks ago by local dealer Ben Burgess, is Tom Brooks who became Heacham’s new head greenkeeper in October 2023. An American Links-style course, Heacham Manor features 18 USGA specification greens which was the reason for the club’s most recent purchase. “We have a Verti-Drain 7416 and wanted to complement this with something light enough for work on the greens throughout the winter months” explains Tom. “Our new Carrier and Verti-Drain® will give us enough depth and versatility to alleviate any compaction on the greens without applying any unnecessary weight, all while freeing the tractor up for other maintenance tasks.”

Tom continues, “Verti-draining is central to what we do and now we have two machines, the 7416 can focus on the fairways and walk-off areas while the Carrier and 1513 combination promises to deliver effective relief on the greens – particularly in this very wet start to the winter.” Lightweight and robust, the Redexim Carrier utilises a 31hp engine and hydrostatic transmission to power a range of high output implements while exerting minimal ground pressure.

Along with offering year-round versatility thanks to a range of tine options, the pair also work well alongside other maintenance machines – in particular, Tom notes their Rink DS800 topdresser. “We’ll be looking to use the Carrier and 1513 as part of spring and autumn green renovations, following with the Rink to effectively incorporate accurate amounts of sand dressing into the profile.” He concludes, “The results and reliability we get from Redexim has served us well in the past and will continue to do so long into the future.”

By Alistair December 19, 2023 09:39

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