Praise for Verti-Drain® 2519

By Alistair January 30, 2024 08:02

After 15 years of reliable service running a fleet of smaller Redexim Verti-Drain® models Martin Guy, owner of Grass Plant, comments that the addition of a high-speed Verti-Drain® 2519 has brought new-found efficiency to both internal contracting operations and external hire projects… so much so that plans are already in the pipeline to add more!

Martin leads a team of 25, undertaking construction and ongoing maintenance of all types of natural turf sports surface, working with venues across the southeast. “Across the board, agronomic expectations are on the rise but due to play demands and climatic conditions, the time available to deliver these standards is getting ever smaller” he explains.

“This meant increasing demand was placed on our high-speed aerator, but the competitor model we were running was not delivering what we needed it to. As soon as the 2519 was introduced we were straight onto our local Redexim partner Tuckwells, and we were one of the first to try it.”

Offering a PTO speed of up to 540rpm, the Verti-Drain® 2519 can cover up to 8739sq.m per hour when spaced at 165mm making it the most productive aerator in its category. Its ability to accept a range of tine options and working to variable depths of up to 250mm mean the 2519 is well suited to an array of applications – something thoroughly tried and tested by the Grass Plant team.

“It’s adaptable, which is critical for us considering the broad spectrum of places we work at,” Martin explains. ”On a golf course for example you can start on a tee, then use the same machine to aerate the fairways and the greens. There are very few machines that allow you to do that.”

He continues, “You tend to find that the higher speed these machines operate at, the more there is that can go wrong, but the build quality of the Verti-Drain® is as solid as ever and, since taking delivery of the 2519 close to three years ago, we’ve seen very little downtime.” This reliability has found favour both internally and with self-drive hire customers. “We get a lot of repeat business on our hire fleet and we wouldn’t get that if we were giving them machines that weren’t fit for purpose or were falling apart in front of their eyes! Trouble is, everyone is so impressed with just how much the 2519 can do that now we need more of them!”

By Alistair January 30, 2024 08:02

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