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By Alistair January 23, 2020 08:20 Updated

‘One of the most time consuming parts of spraying for most golf courses is filling the sprayer. The Handler changes this’

Cleveland Alliances, the parent company of Gambetti, has been exciting the professional turf market with a new chemical mixing system called the ‘Handler’.

The Handler is the most powerful chemical mixing station on the market, allowing customers to fill their sprayers with product efficiently and quickly. One of the most time consuming parts of spraying for most golf courses and turf growing facilities is filling the sprayer.

Most facilities have a mains water pressure flow rate, with an average of 18 litres per minute flowing through the hose. For an average golf course sprayer, this means a fill time of 40 minutes to an hour. When the weather is against you, there are golfers out early, it just makes a simple task so complicated.

The Handler changes all this. Cleveland offers a service which creates the perfect system for you. It connects to your hosepipe  to a ballcock inside the Handler. Turn on the tap and leave it filling. This way when the sprayer is out on the course, the Handler is filling, without over filling! The next batch of product can be mixed in five minutes, fill the sprayer using the high volume pump on the Handler and you’re away again.

The Handler is equipped with a 900lt/minute pump, meaning you can fill your sprayer in under one minute of product.  The machine can either be equipped with a Honda engine and pacer pump or a 240v electric version.

The Handler can also be coupled to a large water storage tank which can make filling even more efficient. Cleveland prides itself on providing a proper installation service. It fits and installs the system and prepares your sprayers with all the fittings required so for Cleveland’s customers, it is just plug and play.  No hassles, no complications.

The Handler has a list price of £10,440 delivered and installed. However, for two months following BTME, there are some big discounts available. Come and have a look at the Handler at BTME and Cleveland will show you just how great it really is with a live demonstration.

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By Alistair January 23, 2020 08:20 Updated

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