Product profile: The Ventrac multi-purpose compact tractor

By Alistair October 14, 2020 06:53 Updated

Traditionally in the UK and Europe, we are used to using dedicated equipment for different maintenance regimes. However, with the Ventrac multi-purpose compact tractor there is now a machine that can be used for a multitude of groundscare operations. With over 30 attachments, the Ventrac provides year-round solutions for the turf manager.

The AERA-vator attachment is designed to vibrate and loosen the soil beneath the grass without destroying the turf. It creates a hole without bringing a core to the surface, leaving the turf ready for use immediately following aeration.

With a working width of 1.52 metres and a depth of 70 mm, the vibrating heads create six holes every 300 mm (66 holes per square metre) with the hole size regulated by the drive speed. The slower the forward speed, the larger the hole. The AERA-vator is built with the Ventrac Mount System, allowing for easy attachment changes, and comes with a standard jack stand for easy mounting. An optional overseeding kit is available.

Glen Kirby, the Course Manager at Hockley Golf Club, situated on the South Downs just outside Winchester, has this attachment.

“The vibrating aerating head of the AERA-vator has enabled us to punch holes on slopes and that’s a game-changer,” he said. “We use it on all green surrounds, tees and fairways. I’m very excited about the possibilities of this machine; it’s so versatile and does everything I want it to.”


By Alistair October 14, 2020 06:53 Updated

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