Progressive – delivering contour mowers the way they should be designed!

By Alistair March 30, 2022 09:49

With the warmer weather approaching and spring growth kicking in, Vanmac has a wide range of quality solutions to cutting around the course, thanks to the Progressive range of trailed and mounted rotary finishing mowers. Progressive have a long and illustrious track record for designing and manufacturing innovative mowers, ideally suited to the golf course thanks to their unrivalled contour following ability. Of particular interest – and available in the UK for the first time – is tri-deck TDR-X.

The three independently floating decks of the TDR-X promise to closely follow the contours of the ground, without scalping, offering a combined cutting width of 3.2m and an easily adjustable cutting height range from 9.5mm to 84.5mm. Along with other machines in the Progressive range, the TDR-X takes advantage of Progressive’s Pro Lift-N-Turn™ technology, allowing the operator to temporarily raise the decks, with the PTO still engaged, to make turning easier and increase overall productivity.

Another popular choice for greenkeepers is the Pro-Flex 120. Offering a cutting width of 3m, the Pro-Flex is the most widely used trailed contour finishing mower. It features graduated cut height options of between 25mm and 76mm for uniform quality and ultimate versatility on different areas around the course.

For larger areas, the Progressive TDR-15 Tri-Deck roller mower offers an impressive cutting width of over 4.5m! The height of cut can go as low as 12mm on the TDR-15, while full width rollers help to smooth the turf leaving a pleasing striped finish in its wake. Its superior cut quality is delivered by high-lift rotary blades that create a vacuum, lifting the plant up for a clean and uniform cut. Clippings are then evenly dispersed over the rollers.

By Alistair March 30, 2022 09:49

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