Q&A with Peter Lacey

By Alistair April 28, 2021 07:24 Updated

Lacey is the Aquatrols Europe Account Manager for Wales, West and South-West England. We speak to him about his 24 years as a greenkeeper and now 14 in the trade.

Did you use wetting agents during your greenkeeping career?

Yes, Pennard Golf Club where I worked is a very dry site. I was a great advocate of Primer 604 as moisture retention and the avoidance of localised dry spot were my main aims. During my tenure there, Dr Stefan Doer from Swansea University carried out some wetting agent trials on the course. Ironically, he was trialling what would become known as Revolution and Dispatch Sprayable and I ultimately became employed by the company that had invented them.

How did you find the transition from greenkeeper to sales?

The very thought of selling was daunting at first, as I was very much out of my comfort zone. What helped was my confidence in the product line, having used them myself. Greenkeepers can sniff out integrity and I feel that the end-users were aware that I had used the products myself, and this resonated with them.

What would be your five main questions when consulting a greenkeeper with the aim of giving advice regarding this range?

I’d strip it right back to the beginning and start with:

  • Why are you using a surfactant and what would you like to achieve?
  • Do you suffer from dry-patch, surface blemishes or inconsistent moisture readings?
  • Are you working with your current grass species or are you transitioning?
  • What are your OM readings at various depths and what is your top-dressing programme?
  • Where do you get your water from?

Revolution is probably the best known Aquatrols product but what does it actually do?

Revolution is more than a wetting agent, it’s more of a water management product that gives unrivalled moisture uniformity and consistency throughout the rootzone. The unique chemistry holds a thinner film of water that aligns closer to the soil particle and thus creates an interlocking layer of hydration sites across the entire particle surface. The resulting air to water balance being beneficial to both microbial activity and plant health.

How does Zipline differ from other Aquatrols products and what situations warrant its recommendation?

Zipline is a unique blend of two Aquatrols surfactant technologies plus the added benefit of our AquaVita Technology. The surfactant blend achieves fast water infiltration through the upper soil profile and balanced hydration within the rhizosphere, thus delivering the AquaVita metabolites where they are most beneficial. I generally propose Zipline when I see an agronomic situation that is causing above target moisture levels in the upper soil profile, shallow rooting and inconsistent dry down and rewetting.

Can you explain the positioning of Dispatch Sprayable and how you personally drove a novel use a few years ago?

At very low application rates, Dispatch Sprayable enables the infiltration and penetration of water where it lands and really helps with the efficient use of both irrigation and rain water. I could see a use for this product on golf greens during the wetter autumn and winter months; my suggestion was supported by Aquatrols, and subsequent field trials proved it to be very effective, resulting in drier and firmer surfaces. Greenkeepers across Europe have successfully been using it in this way for many years now, and the rest is history as they say.

What sets Aqueduct Flex apart from other granular products on the market?

Low application rates, turf safety and its wide range of uses are what set Aqueduct Flex apart. The quality of granulation results in uniform distribution plus quick dispersion in the sward and make this product very easy to use in situations such as bunker surrounds, on mounds, in seeding and turfing projects, on difficult to spray areas and even in hanging baskets around clubhouses. The moisture-proof, zip-lockable, reusable bag is pretty special too.

Finally, what is it about the Aquatrols that you want existing or potential customers to know?

Every product within the Aquatrols portfolio is thoroughly tested prior to coming to market; extensive independent trials resulting in robust data being key to our philosophy. This data coupled with unrivalled after sales support see us in a good place to help both new and existing customers.

For more information, visit eu.aquatrols.com


By Alistair April 28, 2021 07:24 Updated

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