Redditch Golf Club uses nutritional programme to improve its greens

By Alistair March 8, 2017 05:39 Updated

Redditch Golf Club greens are now delivering consistent play thanks to advice, and a nutritional programme, from Headland Amenity. Its 18-hole parkland course, and six hole short course with driving range, is currently home to 600+ members. The club celebrated its centenary in 2013 and features USGA spec greens installed some 20 years ago. Although they’ve been a big plus for the club, course manager Karl Williams says they have proved a challenge to maintain.

“Having not previously worked with USGA spec greens before, I couldn’t believe quite how quickly any products applied leached through,” explained Karl, who has been at the golf club for two years and is assisted by six on his greens team. “I wasn’t overly familiar with Headland products but their local representative, Adi Masters, popped in when I was first at Redditch, and we quickly developed a great working relationship.”

14-17 headland Redditch Green

The greens’ programme includes C-Complex and Protec fertilisers, Seamac ProTurf FE plant protectant, Turfite plant elicitor and Temag HPE to name just a few. At the end of the first year, a decision was made to close the spraying application to two weeks, from monthly, to provide greater consistency in terms of colour and growth. “With the fast leaching greens, by week three or four, it was evident they were starting to tail off aesthetically.”

“With Adi’s advice we’ve halved the application rate but are applying more frequently which has combatted that problem. It was noticeable within the first four to six weeks of changing the applications that it was really working, and I could see the difference in the products and their effectiveness.” The programme is now meeting and exceeding Karl’s expectations and the greens are performing to their full potential. “With those simple tweaks to our regime we’ve now got it spot on,” he said.


By Alistair March 8, 2017 05:39 Updated

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