Redemption for turf herbicide Redeem

By Alistair July 12, 2019 09:49 Updated

Headland Amenity’s popular selective turf herbicide Redeem has gained registration renewal and is again available to greenkeepers and groundsmen alike.

Redeem’s powerful triple active formulation controls a broad range of turf weeds and can be used on golf fairways, tees, sports pitches, lawns and other amenity grass areas.

Containing Clopyralid, 2,4-D and MCPA, Redeem is effective against many common weeds including daisy, clover and plantains. Control is achieved at low application rates – up to half the rate of many competitor products – ensuring a lower amount of active ingredient is required for efficient control. Redeem is packed in 3L containers and each pack will treat one hectare (3L/Ha application rate). Grass areas can then be re-seeded as early as six weeks after application. Importantly, Redeem can be applied using knapsack sprayers as well as boom-mounted equipment.

Redeem is an ideal product to use as a tank-mix partner with Elevate Fe and Xtend Soluble, to provide selective weed control alongside long-lasting iron and nitrogen application. Many liquid-applied iron products are unable to successfully mix with herbicides, but Elevate Fe is a unique, cost-effective, formulation for use on outfield turf.

XTEND Soluble 46-0-0 contains two slow release components in combination with soluble, micro-prilled urea, to form a stabilised nitrogen, slow release fertiliser. Loss of nitrogen by volatilisation and leaching is controlled by NBPT and DCD respectively and release takes place over two to three months, from one application, with excellent turf safety.


By Alistair July 12, 2019 09:49 Updated

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