Robust machines from GKB prove the perfect partner for Premiership Lawncare

By Alistair July 12, 2022 09:22

A fleet of orange and blue is forming for the team at Premiership Lawncare, as continued investment sees a bank of equipment from GKB Machines trusted to deliver projects for a growing range of sports turf customers. In the last two years, Owners Josef Farrow and Mark Pettit have purchased a Deep Tine Aerator (DTA), SP100 topdresser, Dragmat and, most recently, a GKB Combinator – enabling the team to expand their range of services to both football and cricket clients.

Premiership Lawncare pride themselves on using the very best equipment to satisfy the vast and varied requirements of domestic, sports turf and commercial customers. “We’ve grown a lot in seven years and now have in the region of 30 cricket clubs on our books, and a very good relationship with a number of clubs under the remit of Northampton FA” explains Josef. “Investment in equipment has been critical and that’s where our relationship with GKB has gone from strength to strength.”

Recognising the requirement for a bigger, more robust aerator to cope with the demands of challenging ground, Premiership Lawncare became one of the first contractors in the UK to purchase a Deep Tine Aerator (DTA) almost two years ago. “Our DTA 160 is a fantastic machine! As the name suggests, it works to depths of up to 12” to break through compaction and is used on all of our football work, including some council pitches which could certainly pose a problem for machines that are not as well-built as the DTA.”

“Impressed with that and the service and support we received, we then purchased the GKB Dragmat and an SP100 Sandspreader which fits on the back of our Toro Workman and has been a really great investment. We can get 1.5 tonnes of sand in there, and thanks to the wide conveyor, heavy duty discs and easy adjustment we get a really accurate, fine spread.”

The latest addition to the fleet is a GKB Combinator, delivered in May 2022 and put straight to work on a football renovation project. “With our sports-turf client base ever-increasing we decided the time was right to purchase our own machine to strip surfaces and after comparing the options, the GKB CB120 came out on top. In its first week it removed around 80 tonnes of vegetation which is impressive for a machine that’s only 1.2m wide!”

Josef adds, “One particular feature which is great for us is the ability to swap out the fraise blades in our CB120 for scarifier blades, which means we can use it to remove OM accumulations in some of our cricket squares. It’s clear already this machine is going to deliver real value to our business and it’s this sort of investment, in quality machinery, that’s going to help us to take our services and business to the next level.”

By Alistair July 12, 2022 09:22

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