Safety treads are helping golf clubs not to pay unnecessary compensation

By Alistair April 29, 2017 06:28 Updated

“Wrapping chicken wire around a sleeper to prevent someone from slipping on hazardous elevated stepped access, or tripping or falling from steep sided tees just doesn’t solve the problem, it contributes to it, as do many other cheaper methods on wet hazardous railway sleepers and steps,” said Barry Eagle from Gripclad.

“We can offer you an established material and method in safeguarding against slip accidents which doesn’t mean you need deep pockets either.

“Old railway sleepers have been used on golf courses from the 1930s and provide an ideal material for many situations whilst maintaining a natural feel in the landscape. The advancement of soft spikes and moulded sole golf shoes away from traditional steel spikes has led to an increase of slips on wooden steps and in the early 2000s this was becoming an increasing problem.

“The Gripclad cost of preventing any slip hazard can cost a few hundred pounds versus many thousands of pounds if it goes to court!

Before Gripclad safety treads were available, golf clubs had limited choice in slip prevention measures. Generally, this meant constant spending on sand and paint / tar which lasted a few months, artificial turf which would wear down rapidly, loose chippings which would wash away, pieces of old conveyor belting which would became slippery when it rained, rubber matting which would break up and crumble, chainsaw cut grooves into timber which offered no added traction, and of course, chicken wire which would end up cutting ankles, going rusty and creating dangerous trip hazards. All cheap but expensive to maintain in the future, plus cost in time spent repairing and replacing using these methods.

“Doing safety on the cheap simply means you get what you pay for, and you might end up paying more in legal claims. No win no fee solicitors out there are waiting to handle a claim and they will gather all the evidence including any defect on the course where the incident occurred.”

According to the Health & Safety Executive there are over 45,000 reported injuries per year, and many more minor injuries go unreported.

Gripclad’s message is very clear “Don’t ignore the slip, trip and fall hazards at your golf club”. After supplying in excess of 500 UK-based golf clubs it knows what you are looking for and it offers you the long term solution. It provides made to measure safety treads for your club to protect all those who play around the course, including the safety of the greens staff.


“The performance of the product has been outstanding and has not deteriorated in the 10 years that the initial batch has been down,” Kings Hill Golf Club, Kent.

Easy to fit with few screws, the Gripclad product is tough and extremely durable and resistant to high impact, spike shoes, frost and high foot traffic. It is 4.0mm thick and a solid preformed plate. The product has no weak spots, no chipping, no peel back, no layering; just the toughest, most durable and longer lasting anti-slip product available.

“Looking for a quality product that would last constant use, cost, fixings and a material the staff could fit themselves, we found Gripclad were offering an excellent product,” Lee Park Golf Club, Liverpool.

Many clubs carry out an initial assessment with a trial set of steps, and Gripclad deliver the safety treads all pre-cut in accordance with the club’s specification. Installation is easy and straightforward. Most clubs report that it takes much less time to install than previous methods. If the sleeper has to be replaced simply unscrew the safety tread and replace it on a new sleeper.

Gripclad has many golf club customers that purchase every year to enable them to complete all of the wooden surfaces around the course, including footbridges, mobility ramps and areas around the clubhouse.

Almost all the clubs Gripclad has worked with report that members are 100 per cent satisfied with the new improved safety measure at their club.

This product has been written about over a few years now by golf clubs and Gripclad is not short on this support from clubs that have contributed by way of testimonials, and for all those clubs that have recognised the supreme quality of a product designed to protect all those who walk the course making the game a safer one.

Contact: Barry Eagle at Gripclad on 07803 848819 or 023 8040 6796


By Alistair April 29, 2017 06:28 Updated

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