Seed coat ProNitro shortlisted for sport innovation award

By Alistair March 25, 2017 06:12 Updated

DLF Seed’s newest nitrogen seed coat technology, ProNitro, has been shortlisted for the “Innovatieprijs Sportaccommodaties” or “Sports Innovation Prize” for 2017. The award, presented for the first time this year, is intended to stimulate a focus on innovation and the introduction of new concepts in the sports sector.

The European initiative is run is conjunction with Branchevereniging Sport en Cultuurtechniek (BSNC), Vereniging Sport en Gemeenten (VSG) and the National Olympic Committee (NOC*NSF) for the Netherlands. From the original 12 entries, an advisory committee reduced this down to just three nominations, with judging done on the basis of originality, creativity, practical value and effectiveness.

The jury were particularly impressed with how ProNitro® makes the growing process faster and more reliable as well as its cost-effective, precision approach to seeding – reducing wastage and input required.

Launched in 2016, ProNitro® is aimed at improving nutrient utilisation during the early stages of plant growth – particularly important when overseeding into a competitive sward. Containing ten percent Nitrogen, both fast acting and slow release, Nitrogen uptake with ProNitro® is up to four times more efficient compared to broadcast applied fertilisers. Roots and shoots grow rapidly, delivering up to a 30 percent increase in root growth, and the seedlings become strong and vigorous with up to 34 percent more viable plants. The enhanced root growth also improves the availability of soil nutrients and can reduce nutrient loss into the environment through leaching by over 50 percent.

ProNitro® is available in the UK exclusively on selected Johnsons Sport’s Seed mixtures.


By Alistair March 25, 2017 06:12 Updated

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