South Wales Sports Grounds impressed with GKB Infiller

By Alistair August 31, 2022 08:28

After seeing the machine at SALTEX 2021, South Wales Sports Grounds organised for a demonstration model of the Infiller to be shipped over from GKB HQ on the basis that if they were impressed with it, they’d keep it… and they did! Adding to a vast and varied fleet of equipment for the construction and maintenance of both natural and artificial surfaces, the GKB Infiller has dramatically improved the speed of infill spreading, whilst retaining the quality of finish.

South Wales Sports Grounds (SWSG) undertakes contracts for a range of clients from local authorities to schools and independent sports clubs, everywhere between West Wales and Gloucester. Maintenance manager Matt Dennison explains how they decided to take a look at the GKB Infiller, after noticing their previous machine was slowing down the process of dispensing and topping-up infill.

“We’re very particular about how we install an artificial / 3G pitch, using the best tools and techniques to produce the best results” explains Matt. “We wanted a machine that was simpler to use and that would ultimately make the job quicker and more efficient. As soon as we received the Infiller in December, from our local dealer Hopkins Machinery, it was evident straight away that it ticked all the boxes.”

Suited to all types of infill material, the Infiller provides a quick and accurate spreading solution. The metering valve can be adjusted manually or hydraulically to suit the depth and type of infill required. The specification is completed by a large 3m3 hopper. “One big key point for us is that you can rotate the seat to spread the sand in front of the wheels of travel, ensuring the infill gets down into the fibres before they’re flattened.”

Along with sand, Matt intends to use rubber in the Infiller and indicates that the machine and the team have a busy synthetic season ahead.

“So far, it’s done two artificial constructions and is now about to do another.” He concludes, “Because it’s so easy to operate, we’ve now got a number of our operatives trained up with it, who all can’t wait to benefit from the speed and accuracy we can now achieve in getting the job done.”


By Alistair August 31, 2022 08:28

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