Stanedge Golf Club acquires INFINICUT® FL22

By Alistair June 26, 2024 08:00

An INFINICUT® FL22 was purchased by the team at Stanedge Golf Club to equip the Derbyshire venue with a mowing solution for periods of wet weather… and in reality, its delivery in the autumn of 2023 could not have been more timely! The prolonged and persistent rainfall has seen head greenkeeper Lee Williams and his team turning to the INFINICUT® to maintain height of cut and presentation while the triple green mowers are resigned to sheltering in the shed.

Located in the picturesque Peak District, the moorland / parkland course like many has seen unprecedented rainfall levels over the last six months. “With no ability to control what mother nature throws at us, all we can do is equip ourselves with the tools and techniques to be able to deliver surfaces no matter the weather” explains Lee, who took over as head greenkeeper two years ago.

“We knew that we needed to look at hand mowers and spoke to our local dealer Balmers GM about the options available. We trialled the INFINICUT® and were sold straight away! The quality of cut was unbelievable, like nothing we’d ever used before.”

The floating-head FL22 forms part of the INFINICUT® golf range, designed to deliver the ultimate precision for fine-turf surfaces. Engineered to suit the specific set of requirements needed for modern golf-course maintenance, the FL22 is equipped with INFINICUT’s SMARTCut™ cylinder reels, produced in-house and dynamically balanced for unbeatable accuracy.

“On top of the quality of finish, the fact that the INFINICUT® is battery-powered has been another big plus-point for us. While it wasn’t a necessity initially, we have now all-but eliminated issues with noise and vibration levels, as well as saving ourselves money on fuel.” Lee continues, “John Hobbs at Balmers was excellent at getting us all set up, including showing us the many features of the INFINIApp which we’ve been enjoying using and is just another thing that makes the INFINICUT® stand out from the competition.”

At the time of writing, Lee explained that softer ground conditions had seen the club unable to use the triple green mowers this year to date. “The fact we’ve been able to get out twice weekly and in any breaks between showers with the INFINICUT® has been critical. I’d love to be able to hand mow year-round but with such a small team we are limited by our resources, however, should we be able to go down that road it would be an INFINICUT® fleet without doubt!”

By Alistair June 26, 2024 08:00

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