Sustainability and technology unite in new unique control system from Toro

By Alistair September 1, 2022 18:23

Sustainability and technology unite in new unique control system from Toro

Toro’s latest irrigation technology unites with sustainability in the new Tempus Air, a solar-powered, cloud-based, battery-operated, remote-controlled, wireless control system offering flexible programming to take water automation to the next level.

Technology and sustainability form a symbiotic partnership as we see a solar panel power a nine-volt battery in a product where all its data and information are stored in the cloud. It is a perfect example of how, when the two work together, a cost-effective green solution emerges.

So, what’s the difference between traditional and air automation? Well, air is fully automated, moveable, scalable, precise and affordable, providing detailed feedback and information.

Robert Jackson, division manager for Reesink Hydro-Scapes, the UK distributor of Toro irrigation products, explains more: “Air automation removes some of the inevitable issues of traditional automation such as the expense, labour required, and time needed to install. It’s the no effort way to take control of your water. It’s an extremely stable and secure connection offering real-time connectivity, now proven in the field.

“Scalability is a key feature making this an affordable water delivery solution – Wi-Fi allows you to manage up to 30 modules and 3G manages up to 25. Field conditions can be remotely monitored, and you can programme by time, volume and rainfall. And being able to deliver water at the right time and place means there’s no water wastage.”

Tempus Air can also control the hydraulic valves, water pumps, pressure valve sensors and filters; you can link moisture levels, temperature, wind speed, so adding a lot of functionality as well as monitoring a wide set of field parameters for even more precise and efficient irrigation scheduling.

“Toro has designed a one-of-a-kind next generation system,” continues Robert. “It is entirely unique with nothing else like it on the market today. It’s fully app controlled so no control box or PC set up,” Robert continues. “The app itself is very intuitive and user friendly and Bluetooth connectivity is integrated to allow full control through the app via a smartphone, tablet or PC if you prefer – simply download and choose up to six stations, four independent programmes and three start times.”

In terms of the sprinklers that can be used, Robert explains: “As you may expect the connecting modules fit into Toro Infinity Sprinklers, the smartest, hardest-working sprinklers on the market – top accessibility to all the critical components and built for flexible expansion, it’s the perfect combination.”

Rob continues: “Combining all these features makes Tempus Air ideal for those looking for a sustainable and unique solution and where areas without electricity such as sports pitches, stadiums and training grounds keen to eliminate cables from the sidelines and professional landscaping projects. Remote management allows for control from up to 800 metres away and automated responses can be applied based on pre-set thresholds.”


By Alistair September 1, 2022 18:23

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