Suståne provides the organic solution for sustainable feeding programmes

By Alistair August 13, 2021 08:00 Updated

Organic solutions to plant nutrition and soil management are becoming an ever-increasing choice at leading sports facilities around the globe, as attention turns to both the impacts of more traditional chemicals and the benefits to the environment of more natural approaches. Built on over 40 years of research, Suståne Natural Fertiliser has one of the largest ranges of organic-based fertilisers and soil builders developed for all landscape and turf applications.

Suståne is the most comprehensively researched organic fertiliser brand available in today’s market. Over 800 independent studies have been conducted in areas including turf establishment, disease suppression, environmental impact, effects on wildlife and soil improvement – the result of this research is a biologically-active, organic product range built for agronomic performance. Suståne’s aerobic, thermophilic composting process is the most environmentally sound method for recycling of agricultural residue, generating no methane and fewer greenhouse gases than other organic stabilisation processes. With the manufacturing impact on the environment low, the benefits of Suståne to the landscape are many.

Through the unique process, the organic feedstock is concentrated into a nutrient rich humus – rich in microbial diversity yet low in biological oxygen demand. Suståne’s microbial diversity index of 4.5 is critical to many soil and plant functions, providing optimal microbiology for plants to thrive. The release of nitrogen is slow, predictable and efficient, reducing loss to the environment through volatilisation, leaching or immobilisation and provides a long-lasting, sustainable source of plant nutrition and soil improvements.

There are formulations within the Suståne range suitable for every turf type and agronomic application, from 100% organic to higher nitrogen natural-base formulations, each with unique release rates and nutrient profiles. New to the range in 2021 is Suståne Soil Regen® – a soil amendment product formulated to improve soil structure by increasing infiltration rates and the profiles’ ability to hold nutrients and moisture.

The Suståne range is available through a network of approved distributors globally, with dedicated Regional Managers on hand to provide tailored, technical advice.

By Alistair August 13, 2021 08:00 Updated

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