The new breed of overseeders: The Turfco TriWave 60 and TriWave 45

By Alistair October 2, 2021 08:57 Updated

The Turfco TriWave 60 and TriWave 45 are a new breed of overseeder that can significantly increase the success of overseeding operations by up to 30 percent, especially on contoured ground.

The larger tractor-mounted TriWave 60 was the result of more than four years development in partnership with golf course managers in the USA and here in the UK. It was conceived as a result of the frustration that course managers were experiencing with regard to the overseeding process. Disruption of existing turf, the inability to follow ground contours and limited seed germination when using existing equipment, was the driving force behind its development.

With three, 460mm (18”) wide patented floating heads moving independently and blade spacing at 38mm (1½”), the TriWave 60 doesn’t miss low spots, it won’t destroy high areas or unmarked sprinkler heads, offering unmatched consistency in seed density and depth.

The WaveBlade counter-rotating blade technology creates a U-shaped slit (instead of the usual V-shaped slit of competitor products) providing more seed to soil contact and the patented seed delivery system places seeds into the slits without waste, increasing germination. Infinite depth control allows easy adjustment of the seed depth, without tools, to meet the specific needs of current turf conditions. The combination of the floating heads and infinite depth adjustment keeps the seed depth consistent, regardless of terrain.

The TriWave 45 is a self-contained trailed overseeder, which can be towed behind a utility vehicle, quad bike, bunker rake or tractor, and provides versatility and easiest operation of any overseeder on the market. Power comes from an 18.4 kW (25hp) Briggs and Stratton Vanguard petrol engine and it quickly attaches to most turf vehicles making it convenient and efficient to use.

Once ready, the TriWave 45 can overseed and spot seed a variety of turf areas including greens, fairways, roughs, tee boxes and driving ranges with any seed and without any requirement for gear or mechanical changes. It is literally an ‘attach and go’ operation.

“Course managers want excellent germination, unprecedented versatility, ease of set-up and speed. The TriWave 45 makes this all possible,” says John Moore, European sales manager for Turfco.

The versatility of the trailed TriWave 45 enables turf professionals to seed more often and tackle any area on a golf course or sports pitch, be it slightly or severely damaged. Additionally, it can be quickly adjusted without any tools to get the right depth for any turf conditions. And, because it’s ready in minutes, the overseeder efficiently gets the job done from set-up to putting the machine back in the maintenance facility.

Using the same WaveBlade technology as the TriWave 60, the counter-rotating blades on the TriWave 45 create clean U-shaped slits for optimal germination with decreased turf disruption. To further increase productivity, it can turn while seeding and even seed greens with steep sides and bunker surrounds. It is also available with an optional electric lift and lower kit for vehicles without hydraulics. This allows operators to hook up to any vehicle, and it further enhances maneuverability and versatility of the overseeder.

By Alistair October 2, 2021 08:57 Updated

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