The water recycling system golf clubs can use to clean course machinery

By Alistair May 19, 2023 09:15

More than 30 million customers found themselves subject to drought restrictions in the UK in 2022, leading some to ask if golf courses will be next. Fortunately, there is a water recycling system that clubs can use to clean their course machinery.

We are all aware of the ongoing severe droughts across Africa and other far-flung parts of the world. However, the effect of environmental pressures is now impacting much closer to home. In the summer of 2022, nearly two-thirds of Europe experienced drought conditions. England’s reservoirs reached their lowest level since 1995. Following the driest first half of the year since 1976, water companies were forced to declare a drought across large parts of the UK to maintain supplies, with the south particularly badly affected, when heat waves hit the UK in July and August. In an effort to preserve supplies, nearly 30 million UK customers were banned from using a hosepipe for car cleaning, watering the garden, cleaning windows and so on, with the aim of reducing daily water usage by a third.

While rain later in 2022 did bring respite, in some areas, even after months of rain, water levels were still not restored to normal levels. Experts have warned that if we have a summer like that of 2022 again, and it is followed by a dry winter, then the drought could become ‘severe’ the following year, with farms and businesses potentially seeing restrictions imposed on their water usage.

With the population of the UK heading towards 70 million, pressure on water supplies is only going to continue to increase, whether it rains or not. Prudent use of water will be expected by everyone to try to avoid future shortages.

Environmental responsibility

Many golf courses ‘waste’ up to a million litres per year using mains (drinking) water to wash-off their golf course maintenance equipment. This raises the question of why equipment is being washed-off with potable drinking water when recycling wash-off systems are available?!

Being able to continue washing your equipment during a hosepipe ban is essential to maintain equipment in good order. Where a drought order is imposed, washing-off vehicles and equipment is banned unless a recycling wash-off system is used. Installing a Waste2Water recycling wash system ensures you can continue with necessary equipment cleaning operations even during periods of drought – all we recommend is to put a notice on the system advising that the system is a recycling wash system, to allay anyone’s concerns.

‘Drought-proof’ Waste2Water recycling wash-off system

If you’ve not already installed a recycling wash system call us now as it is the perfect answer for washing your equipment, including in drought conditions:

• Continually reuses the same water, reducing water usage by a massive 90 percent!

• Fully authorised for use even during periods of a drought order.

• Puts you in charge of your own destiny!

Installing a Waste2Water system

Installing a Waste2Water system could not be easier. We will custom design your operations area and offer a variety of installation options including civil construction of a new wash pad, if required. We can also often retro-fit the system into your existing area to minimise the budget.

The Waste2Water recycling system removes all contamination risks, reduces water usage by 90 percent and can be used all year round. Add simple installation, ease of use and low operating costs and you know you’ve made the right choice. Just give us a call and we will do the rest!

For more information, contact Waste2Water: Tel 01782 373 878, email:

By Alistair May 19, 2023 09:15

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