Toro can solve common pitch irrigation problems easily

By Alistair March 23, 2024 10:54

There’s no need to go into renovation season unprepared with Reesink Hydro-Scapes, which is reminding customers of the sprinklers and latest control system from leading brand Toro that solve common pitch irrigation problems easily.

If the problem is a sprinkler that can’t withstand the tough sports field environment or one that interrupts the surface level or requires digging up for servicing or creates pooling, then Toro B Series sprinklers with additional Turf Cup are what’s needed.

With its rugged golf body design, small and exposed surface diameter to minimise appearance, flanged body for stability and quick release rubber cap for top access servicing, this sprinkler solves all those problems and brings additional benefits.

Robert Jackson, division manager for Reesink Hydro-Scapes, says: “Elevating turf quality with the right irrigation shouldn’t interfere with the usability of the pitch, these sprinklers with turf cup allow them to go virtually unnoticed.”

When it comes to control systems, if the problems are water wastage, lack of accuracy and inefficient irrigation, then Toro Tempus Air is the most advanced, innovative and efficient water delivery system on the market.

This product gets its name thanks to its air automation, which removes some of the inevitable issues of traditional automation such as the expense, labour required, and time needed to install. Scalability is a key feature – Wi-Fi allows users to manage up to 30 modules and 4G manages up to 25. Field conditions can be remotely monitored, and it’s possible to programme by time, volume and rainfall. Plus, being able to deliver water at the right time and place means there’s no water wastage.”

Tempus Air can control the hydraulic valves, water pumps, pressure valve sensors and filters, link moisture levels, temperature and wind speed for precise and efficient irrigation scheduling.
There’s no better or simpler way to rejuvenate, repair, or prepare your grounds between seasons than with an irrigation system that combines sustainability with the latest technology. And partnering a solar-powered, cloud-based, battery-run wireless remote-control system with innovative sprinkler technology – all from Toro – is a match made in heaven.


By Alistair March 23, 2024 10:54

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