Trilo offers a range of scarification tools

By Alistair May 9, 2023 08:04

The start of spring growth signals the safe return for some of the most critical mechanical maintenance operations – which can bring a significant boost to plant health. Effective scarification can encourage healthy growth, tackle weed ingress and create an environment less favourable to fungal activity. Among the range of scarification tools from Trilo are solutions for both fine turf and sports turf applications which, when combined with effective husbandry, can have not just environmental benefits but financial savings too!

For flat surfaces, the Trilo VCU range offers effective scarification down to depths of 40mm. Available in 1.5m or 2m working widths, PTO drive provides reliable power to the rotor – equipped with 3mm thick manganese steel knives, capable of cutting through thatch layers and opening the surface up for more effective overseeding and better penetration for moisture and nutrients. The robust design delivers rigid strength, while the working depth of the VCU150 and VCU200 is simple to adjust via the threaded spindle, accessible on the sides of the unit. An optional undulation kit, comprising of gauge wheels, can be fitted to the rear of the frame for improved results on uneven ground.

Working up through the range and offering verti-cutting and collection in a single pass, is the 1.5m Trilo C15. Ideal for sports fields and local authority applications, the C15 offers a compact and versatile solution for scarification, utilising 3mm thick blades and wind paddles to effectively remove large quantities of thatch up and into the 1m3 hopper. Emptied easily via hydraulic lift and tip, the hopper also features a dust cover which makes for a more pleasant operator experience when working in dry conditions. The knives can be quickly accessed for simple cleaning, maintenance or changing for twisted flail blades, converting the C15 into a cut and collect machine.

Moving up again and proving that multi-function doesn’t have to mean compromise is the Trilo M4 vacuum collector which, when fitted with scarifier shaft, allows for effective scarification on large areas such as parks and fairways. When not in use for leaf collection through the autumn and winter, consider equipping the M4 with one of Trilo’s many scarification blade options for quick, single-person, thatch removal and clean collection via its large 4m3 hopper. The scarifier shaft can then be easily swapped again, for a flail shaft – delivering quick and convenient cut and collection throughout the summer months.


By Alistair May 9, 2023 08:04

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