Trimax: Crafted in the UK since 1998

By Alistair May 14, 2024 06:45

Trimax’s journey started in New Zealand’s horticulture industry in the 1980s, founded by Bob Sievwright. What began as a Kiwi enterprise soon transcended boundaries, thanks to Bob’s passion for machinery and engineering expertise. Contrary to popular belief, Trimax’s influence extends beyond New Zealand, with a robust manufacturing foothold in the UK for 25 years.

Originally focused on kiwifruit sector mowers, Trimax’s partnership with rotary mower expert Jim McEwan propelled its influence. This collaboration swiftly captured attention from landscapers and groundsmen globally, establishing dominance in sportsfield and fine turf mowing applications in the UK, Australia and the US.

UK expansion and rapid growth

By 1998, Trimax established a distribution hub in Northamptonshire, catering to the UK’s demand for high-quality mowers. Subsequent years witnessed a remarkable expansion, from the initial roots in Northampton to a 16,500 square feet manufacturing facility in 2014. Recent substantial growth in 2023 marked another milestone with the acquisition of an additional building giving a total of 12,000 square feet indicating Trimax’s commitment to local UK expansion and innovation.

Enhanced manufacturing for premium quality

In response to the post-Covid landscape, Trimax reevaluated operations, bringing core manufacturing tasks in-house to elevate product quality. This strategic move involved substantial investment in specialised machinery and advanced manufacturing processes. The upgraded Northampton facility now boasts comprehensive capabilities in welding, sandblasting, powder coating and improved assembly methods.

Commitment to UK market and quality standards

The recent UK factory expansion mirrors Trimax’s customer-focused approach to investment in local growth and innovation. The emphasis on increased capacity, efficiency and in-house manufacturing aims to directly benefit customers. It’s not just about machines — it’s about elevating local services and product quality, expanding expertise and ensuring UK customers have quick access to products.

Not only that, but the facility can now hold in excess of £1.2 million in parts. This means customers throughout the UK get prompt support for their products while enjoying seamless maintenance with maximum uptime.

Despite its roots in New Zealand, Trimax’s commitment to the UK market remains steadfast, contributing to local job creation and the national economy. As a registered member of the ‘Made in Britain’ charity, Trimax underscores its dedication to upholding UK manufacturing standards and quality.

Continued legacy of craftsmanship

From humble beginnings in New Zealand to becoming a significant contributor to the UK’s mower industry, Trimax persists in maintaining exceptional standards. The legacy of craftsmanship and quality defines every mower rolling out of its Northampton facility, signifying Trimax’s enduring commitment to excellence.

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By Alistair May 14, 2024 06:45

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