Turnhouse Golf Club is very happy with GripClad

By Alistair February 15, 2023 10:18

Here’s a testimonial from Gavin Ballantyne, course manager at Turnhouse Golf Club: “Here at Turnhouse Golf Club on the west side of Edinburgh we are always looking to improve the golfing experience for visitors and members. Through the years we have made many improvements to the course and in the last year we were looking for solutions for the age old problem of slippery steps.

“We have tried to tackle this problem before, using various solutions, but none have worked long term, so we looked for a tried and tested way of fixing this problem. We looked at various products, then I contacted Barry Eagle at GripClad.

“They are a company I had heard of for a few years and had seen good feedback from people who had used the product before. We discussed our problem and ways of correcting it. GripClad were a very easy company to work with and after a discussion I gave Barry an order for their GripClad cleats material. I gave Barry the dimensions of our sleepers and they did all the cutting for me so the product was ready to use when it arrived.

“The product is simple to use and with just a few tools – we used adhesive on the back of the cleat and then 12 inch screws along both edges. At the same time we refurbished the steps as well, with new timbers and infill. It was a great product for my team to use, so simple.

“Straight away we were getting very positive feedback from the membership saying how good the steps were and that the product enhanced the whole golf course. Since then, it’s been three months now, the comments are  how well the material has worked throughout the winter months, with no golfers slipping on our steps.

“So we started off with a very common problem, which we had to address, we had tried other ways to fix it, mainly a cheap fix, we then decided to get it fixed once and for all and we used GripClad cleats.

“It’s a fantastic product and I would fully recommend it.”

Contact Barry Eagle on 07803 848819 or 023 8040 6796, email enquiries@gripclad.co.uk or visit gripclad.co.uk/industries/golf-industry

By Alistair February 15, 2023 10:18

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