UK golf course ‘managed by robotic mowers’

By Alistair March 17, 2024 09:17

An 18-hole London golf club is reportedly the first in the UK to be fully managed by robotic mowers.

According to Pitchcare, Cranham Golf Club in Upminster is the ‘first 18-hole golf course in the UK to be fully managed by robotic mowers’, although it added that the robots manage the fairways and first cut rough, leading to some greenkeepers to speculate online that the robots might not maintain the greens and other areas of the venue.

The article states that entire golf courses can be managed with between four and seven robots, depending on complexity and size of the course, and that the long-term cost savings that can be made by utilising robotic mowers are ‘substantial’.

‘Robotic mowers require less maintenance, have no fuel costs and eliminate the need for a large manual labour force for mowing. These factors will lead to substantial financial benefits for golf course owners and operators,’ it states.

Last year The Golf Business looked at Worcestershire Golf Club, which successfully trialled robotic mowers on its course. The club’s course manager said the mowers were used to help course maintenance staff rather than for lowering costs.

“When it comes to robotic mowing, for us it’s not about lowering staff costs, but about alleviating the workload of our staff to allow for more skilled and rewarding labour tasks to be completed. It [the Husqvarna CEORA™] is fantastic for timesaving and the technology has definitely proved itself and its benefits,” said Steve Lloyd.

“Overall, it was invaluable in managing our workload at the golf course and provided us with not only brilliant cutting results but more time to spend focused on our members and our unrivalled services.”

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By Alistair March 17, 2024 09:17

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