Wheatley Golf Club benefits from R9 perennial fine ryegrass mixture

By Alistair October 30, 2020 06:28 Updated

Martin Haywood, course manager at Wheatley Golf Club in Doncaster is a big fan of Rigby Taylor’s R9 perennial fine ryegrass mixture. “The mixture is a 100 percent ultra-fine ryegrass blend that provides me with fast establishment, is very tolerant of close mowing and displays a cleanness of cut and excellent shoot density and is quite simply my go-to grass seed in almost all circumstances.”

Martin reflects on his use of the R9 mixture at a previous club where the course had to recover from a calamitous event that caused ten greens and approaches to become effectively destroyed. He states “ Within 4-5 weeks of sowing the R9, we had alt least 80% coverage and the greens were back in play a month later and by the following May, all were in perfect order.”

Martin also comments on the seeds disease tolerance benefits he has experienced. “During one 10-week autumn spell of particularly wet and mild weather, clubs in the near vicinity were spraying weekly for predominately Fusarium, yet we sprayed just twice – and these were applied purely as a preventative measure.”

The R9 mixture has the added benefit of being pre-treated with Germin-8T, which has taken it to another level in terms of germination and early establishment. Martin continues, “I can’t speak more highly enough of this seed mixture seed and it will play a major part in my course management at Wheatley Golf Club for years to come”.

R9 100% ultra fine dwarf rye is ideal for rye greens, tees, fairways, cricket squares and outfields and tennis courts.


By Alistair October 30, 2020 06:28 Updated

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