How much petrol can a golf club carry?

By Tania November 14, 2018 07:03

How much petrol can I carry?

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the amount of petrol that can be collected from a garage and carried to a working site.

The law on the carriage of petrol allows the transportation of petroleum fuel for business and commercial use in quantities  greater than those aloud for domestic use.

Observing the ADR dangerous goods regulations, this allows the carriage of petrol in quantities no greater than 333 litres with the driver having an understanding of the ADR dangerous goods regulations but not requiring to be fully ADR ticketed.

The fuel must be carried in a suitably approved containers, certified for the carriage of petroleum spirit and the vehicle must carry a 2kg dry powder fire extinguisher.

The driver or responsible persons of the vehicle must have informed their insurance company as to the fact that they are carrying petroleum and the appropriate cover applied to ensure that everything is compliant.

An attractive and safe alternative to jerry cans when collecting your own petrol is our range of petrol caddies.

The units are designed specifically for the safe transport of petrol. The smaller units are available in a single skinned light weight version with manual or 12v petrol safe ATEX pump.

The larger units incorporate a full 110 per cent bund volume and 60 minutes fire proof jackets for greatly improved protection.

The custom trailers offer the best setup with all appropriate transport signage and fire extinguisher on board.

The Petrol Tank Company can give guidance through the processes, providing you with an awareness of ADR from one of our trained technicians.

The unit can be easily unhitched from the towing vehicle and deployed where it is needed on site.

The caddy offers an altogether safer and more convent option to your operation and we are here to help.


By Tania November 14, 2018 07:03

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