Capillary Concrete launches bunker installation financial guarantee

By Alistair June 28, 2018 17:01

The best peace of mind just got better, Capillary Concrete Insured Financial Guarantee now covers you for 10 years.

Capillary Concrete and certain underwriters at Lloyds of London have created an unprecedented Insured Financial Guarantee Program for bunker installation. The Capillary Concrete Performance Guarantee provides ultimate peace-of-mind and security when purchasing Capillary Concrete patented technology for bunker construction.

Capillary Concrete technology has been successfully installed in the golf market since 2010 with an impeccable track record.

The technology has proven itself on golf courses across five continents, facing all forms of weather and abuse. As it expands into all world golf markets, it is now able to offer this solution because of the exceptional strength and performance of the system.

“We know our customers’ reputations depend on the performance of our products,” said a spokesman.

“After your Capillary Concrete installation is complete, you will receive a certificate from us naming your project, which is then registered with the insurance company under our Master Policy. The initial term is for ten years. The coverage is built into the product being installed, so there are no additional costs or surprises. Installation can be carried out by the club’s greenstaff or a contractor, full guidance is given for first time installers. A procedures’ checklist is given to all installers that must be followed to ensure the installation meets standards for coverage.

“This is more than a simple limited product warranty; this is a completely risk-free solution, in writing.”


By Alistair June 28, 2018 17:01

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