England Golf to use Tacit Lifter and Covid-19 Clip for elite competitions

By Alistair May 30, 2020 07:57 Updated

England Golf will be using the Tacit Lifter with the Covid-19 Clip on its flags for elite competitions and championships later this year, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The two products combined ensure that golfers do not need to touch the flag or the hole cup. They can be fitted to flagsticks on the course and allow golfers to retrieve the ball safely by positioning their putter under the clip and pulling upwards.

The shaft of the Tacit Lifter conforms to the original R&A sizing regulations regarding flag pins and the collection basket also sits over four inches below the surface of the hole, therefore the ball is allowed to enter the hole in the usual way and is not impeded. Handicap competitions can therefore also be staged using these products.


There is also a version for practice putting green flags or markers.


The companies behind both the products, Tacit Golf and Eagle, have also produced the foldable rake, which England Golf has also chosen to use in elite competitions this year.

Weighing in at only 0.18kg, which is less than half the weight of a normal golf club, the foldable rake will not over burden a golfer carrying a bag or pushing clubs on a trolley, and ensures that golfers can rake bunkers without different people touching the same rake.

With pro shops due to reopen on June 15, the foldable rake is an ideal product to stock in them to sell to members and visitors. Clubs should also consider offering a foldable rake with their rental sets. The golfer can then take away the rake at the completion of the round to keep and to use again in the future.

Tim Webb, CEO of Tacit and Eagle commented: “People are understandably concerned about what they touch on a day to day basis and in terms of playing golf, people only need to touch what is absolutely necessary.

“Using the Tacit Lifter and Covid-19 Clip means that golfers will not need to touch the flagstick at all to retrieve the ball from the hole and the foldable rake means that individual golfers can safely assist greenkeepers and maintain the standard of the courses at a time when standard rakes have been removed from play.

“I am very pleased that England Golf has chosen these products for play in their elite championships later this year. We welcome that support and vote of confidence from England Golf.”

For further information or to order the Tacit Lifter and Covid-19 Clip and the foldable rake, please contact Tacit on 01788 568818 or via http://www.tacitgolf.co.uk/ and Eagle on 01883 344244 or http://www.eagle.uk.com/.


By Alistair May 30, 2020 07:57 Updated

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